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Reviews for Squirrels on Skis

“Squirrels racing on skis invade a quiet snow-laden town, causing havoc among the townsfolk. Each tiny creature, wearing colorful earmuffs and matching knee pads, schusses down the nearby mountain slope and through the city center, jumping off rooftops, rushing down neighborhood streets, rampaging through the town green, and even catapulting off a steeple. Finally, the mayor calls the local pest-control guy to get rid of the wild rodents. Stanley recommends his vacuum device until Sally Sue Breeze, “the reporter who could not have been shorter,” steps up to say that there’s got to be a more humane solution. She discovers a rabbit squatting in the Old Acme Popsicle Stick Factory, illegally selling popsicle sticks and toothpicks to the squirrels in exchange for acorns. Then Sally Sue comes up with a plan to get the squirrels to leave. Formatted in the classic easy-reader style, the text consists of four-line stanzas, and the colorful cartoons are expressive and animated. A perfect read for young humor lovers; think Dr. Seuess’ The Sneeches meet Marvin K. Mooney”.—School Library Journal

SQUIRRELS ON SKIS is a new book in the Cat-in-the-Hat-endorsed Beginner Books series and joins the company of Dr. Seuss works. I read this aloud to my six-year-old daughter and we loved it. The rhymes are gentle and effortless for the most part, the illustrations hilarious, and the story both funny and relevant. In a town overrun by squirrels on skis, the mayor calls for extermination. Luckily for the squirrels, reporter Sally Sue Breeze looks deeper, uncovering the cause behind the pandemonium. It offers one of the funniest indictments of corporate greed I've ever read. My daughter and I loved this book. She was cracking up and I was waxing nostalgic for the clever rhymes and humor of the books of my childhood. Highly recommend.— hollybooknotes

SQUIRRELS ON SKIS got mass approval from my test audience of two children going into second grade and one going into fifth grade. The story is fresh, funny and engaging and the use of repetitive phrasing helps young readers to master any new words by the end of the story. “Squirrels on Skis” is sure to bring a smile to the faces of both children and adults. The story also has an underlining lesson about the importance of balance, limits and boundaries that would make a good jumping off point for a discussion with a child about the importance of those things. 
I would highly recommend “Squirrels on Skis” for young listeners or readers. Random House has a scheduled release date of September 10, 2013 which makes it a perfect “Back-to-School” treat to tuck into a back pack!—GoodReads, bethstrand

I think the book could have been called Squirrels Gone Crazy! This is a cute book, with likeable characters. Funny and enjoyable. My son really liked this book and thought the illustrations were fantastic. The words were on grade level (ages 5-8) for what the author recommends, with a few challenging ones thrown into the mix. The book followed an easy rhyming pattern and the story moved along at a nice pace that kept my little man’s attention. I loved how the town pulled together to help out the squirrels setting a wonderful example of community and caring for each other-person and animal alike. I would easily recommend this book.—GoodReads, Jennifer Clausen Greene